Matilda is The B Team

Matilda Lici is going around threatening people and organizations with civil and criminal consequences to whatever extent her clients request. This post, and the attached photograph, is to serve as a form of Public Service Announcement. This "lawyer" doesn't play by the rules, and will readily interfere with your business in order to satisfy her need to be seen as "in control" as evidenced in her unprotected attack on my character. Some lawyers use disclosure to tar and feather the respondent, but it is protected as a matter of court record.
Ms Lici doesn't even care if it's legal or not, she'll readily utter defamatory or otherwise personally damaging allegations without legal justification. So, be warned peeps...

If she sets her sights on your character, she has a documented pattern of going beyond legally justifiable actions. So please be warned, and do not engage her in adversarial gameplay unless you are fully prepared for her to act in an unprofessional manner.

Apparently, she even utters utter threats of CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.

For reference, included below are the excerpts for 22, 264, and 346. Enjoy laughing at the retard fight between an Anon and Matilda. ;)

Matilda Lici was called to the Ontario Bar in 2020 after articling at Shibley Righton LLP. She is a fervent believer in Social Justice and equality of all before and under the Law. And that is why, at the direction of her clients Dr Kumanan Wilson and his wife Kim Bernhardt, she attempted to coerce an Internet Service Provider to disclose personal information without an order from a Court of competent jurisdiction.

She attempted to sever the contractual relationship of Covfefe Operations with its hosting provider. She did this by alleging that by reporting on the activities of Contractors and Sub-Contractors of Her Majesty The Queen in right of Ontario, we were acting in a fashion "..contrary to sections 22 and 264 of the Criminal Code, R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46."

She furthermore went on to make the demand, without legal authority, that our host "..take action to remove the offending content, specifically, Dr. Wilson and Ms. Barnhardt's home address and personal phone numbers."

What you attempted to do was called a Tort of Intentional Interference. You had better thank your guardian angel that the Security Operations Officer with our Internet Service Provider alerted us in time to prevent you from further interfering with our contractual relationship, and he prevented you from forcing them to breach contract and terminate or otherwise disqualify our service contract.

You are a smug little SJW trying to parade around like you're in charge of things, right? I was told to never trust an Albanian mobster or their offspring, because they just don't play by the rules. You graduated from Queens University, and even managed to con the Law Society into thinking you know what you're doing, but I'm telling you that you're WAY the fuck off base.

If as you allege, you had knowledge of an ongoing criminal offence putting the health or safety of Dr Kumanan Wilson and his wife Kim Bernhardt (the duo that live together in Ottawa, and work together for CANImmunize) was in jeopardy as a result of our publishing on the questionable (fraudulent in our disposition) actions of the Contractors and sub-contractors of HMTQ, you had a duty to make report to the police.

 But you didn't. Rather, you made the claim that our publication of this information had already been adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction, and that our Internet Service Provider was acting as a "conduit" (conspirator or co-accused) for illegal conduct and the continuing publication of information having been deemed unlawful or otherwise restricted by a court of competent jurisdiction.

You put the fear of God into my host's staff, and that is deeply troubling. To think that you would forego the proper sequence of events (calling the police, or serving a SLAPP on my person) you chose to bully a poor guy just trying to do his job.

How dare you, you self righteous little child. I am presently demanding that you contact him and make heartfelt apology for your having literally threatened to lock him up with me, the despised enemy of Dr Kumanan Wilson (aka Kumana or Kumar) and his wife Kim Bernhardt (aka Kimberlina). You are going to sit the fuck down, pick up the phone, and apologize to the employee you harassed.

After that, you'll do the lawful thing and report this alleged offence to the police, or you'll serve me with a Notice of Application (or even a Notice of Claim) and then we can play ball in a court of competent jurisdiction. You are way the fuck off base, and I'm disappointed by your stupidity. Fucking moron, you owe that guy you harassed and extorted a fucking apology.

  • PS: And your list of domains is incorrect. You have include some domains associated with addresses other than that which you allege, and you've only gotten about 57.7% of our domain spread. So fuck you, do not pass go, and get your ass in the time out box! Fucking moron.

And as for you Dr Kumanan Wilson, how dare you send the B team to take care of me. You're a really weak little Crown contractor, and your wife Ms. Barnhardt is just a sub-contractor of HMTQ. You're both fair game, so you will speak with me like a real man (why the fuck are you hiding behind a little girl?) and we will discuss the intricacies of the fact that you're ACTUALLY a STATE ACTOR.

Or you can send the A team and I'll deal with them appropriately, in a legal and lawful manner. Why the fuck did you try to make that poor little girl commit a tort of Intentional Interference? Does it make you feel big that you can make a little girl destroy her career for the alleged fraud of you and your wife? Do you hide behind all of your employees, or just the small ones?

How dare you send the B Team. Here's some apropos claymation comedy.